Calculate Time and Cost
The Calculate Time and Cost application helps you find delivery dates and times for all available Sriwijaya Cargo package and freight services in over 200 countries and territories. You can contact us for the Calculate Time and Shipping costs for a range of Sriwijaya Cargo services in many countries served by Sriwijaya Cargo.

About Delivery Time
Sriwijaya Cargo allows you to calculate the delivery time for any shipment going anywhere served by Sriwijaya Cargo.  When you calculate the delivery time, we'll show you a host of options you can choose from for getting your shipment to its destination. You'll be able to observe the delivery time for each delivery option, as well as the latest collection time and you can use this information to make the best choice on how to send your shipment.

About Shipment Cost
The Calculate Time and Cost application helps you compare guaranteed delivery times and published rates when sending Sriwijaya Cargo shipments to destinations around the world.

Get rates in the origin country's local currency
* Get rates and edit the shipment details for multiple packages
* Calculate the cost of value-added services, where applicable
* Review rate summary information in an easy-to-read chart
* View rate details, including zones, only when you need them
* Sort your results by time or cost
* Get international delivery dates and times for door-to-door service (including customs clearance)

Shipment cost information is available for all countries.

Additional notes on shipment cost:
Shipping rates quoted are estimates based on the information you have supplied. Other shipping charges may apply and your final shipping charge may differ depending upon your Sriwijaya Cargo Account number and how you tender the package to Sriwijaya Cargo.

Shipping rates do not include duties, taxes, or other non-routine customs brokerage charges. Other shipping charges, surcharges, or value-added service charges may apply and your final shipping charge may differ based on your shipper characteristics and the characteristics of, and services requested for, packages actually tendered to Sriwijaya Cargo.